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Data Entry Services

Legal Process Outsourcing Services

  • Law Office Management
  • Litigation Service Support
  • Legal Documentation
  • Drafting & Analysis
  • Law Consultation
  • Hire Lawyers
  • Legal Services
  • Paralegal Services
  • Legal Writing Services
  • Legal Transcription
  • Legal Research
  • Legal Case Studies Services
  • Legal Document Review & Management

Hire Legal Experts for Legal Jobs

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) has evolved as a crucial practice in an organization. In this age, when frauds and scams have become common, it has become paramount for a company to be legally sound. Having a legal expert protects you in Property deals, Insurance, Financial Transactions, Disputes, Employee Contracts, Thefts, and many such critical issues. Legal Process Outsourcing is perhaps the best way to get optimal services at low cost. Whether you are an SME, Corporate House, Law Firm or any other establishment, we are there for you.

So, Hire Legal Experts from San Francisco and give your company, a security cover for a lifetime.

  • Law Office Management – Employee Contracts, Lease Agreement, Material Transfer Agreement etc.
  • Litigation Service Support – Chronologies, Complaints and Summons, Correspondences, Pleadings etc.
  • Legal Documentation, Drafting & Analysis – Subpoenas, Notices, Legal Documents, Interrogatories etc.
  • Paralegal Services – Legal Documentation, Corporate Services, Legal Data Entry, Agreements etc. L
  • Legal Writing Services –Contracts, Bankruptcy Filing, Medico Legal Support, Patent Services etc.
  • Legal Case Studies Services – Our Case studies Services are very helpful for the clients to deal with legal issues.
  • Legal Document Review & Management Services - Reviewing of Documents for Internal Investigations & Pre-Litigation, Privilege & Relevancy Review of Documents, Reviewing of Internal Documents and Management of Institutional Documents.

Stages of Review

  • 1. Discovery Stage – Classification of the Documents for easy and effective processing.
  • 2. Extraction of Relevant Information – The Documents are forwarded for a final Review in order to extract the information which is required for the specific case. The information is then confirmed and stored safely.

Document Protection Services

  • Saving Legal Documents in Electronic Format
  • Coding the Documents for easy and safe Access
  • Document Retrieval Services

    Why Choose IWO Legal Jobs

    • Employees Well versed with the Legal System of UK, USA, & San Francisco
    • Sharp Individuals well aware with the new Laws
    • Large pool of experts to handle Legal issues of all types
    • Save cost on Hiring in-house employees and Infrastructure
    • Cost Effective LPO Services
    • Provision of Dedicated Employee

So outsource your Legal Processes to San Francisco to us and avail the services of best legal experts at a low cost. We really value our relationship with our clients and put in our best efforts to avert the risks or legal hassles that might come in your way.