Financial and Accounting Services

Data Entry Services

What IWO Provides for F & Acc

  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Book Keeping
  • Account Payable
  • Account Receivable
  • Financial Reporting
  • Customer Order Processing
  • Manual Journal Entry
  • Billing Services
  • Invoice Processing Services
  • Project Accounting Services
  • Virtual Accounting
  • Debt Collection Services
  • E-Accounting Services
  • Cash Requirements Analysis

What IWO Provides for Financial and Accounting Jobs

The biggest challenge for a business is the appropriate handling of Finance and Accounts. Even a minor lapse in this department can bring the downfall of the company, especially for SME’s. The Financial and Accounting Services ensure that the financial affairs are kept in control and the policies and decisions take the company forward. So, Hire Accounting Experts from San Francisco as outsourcing can not only help you acquire reliable and cost effective workforce but you also get expert advice. We offer Financial and Accounting Services for SME’s, Corporate Houses and large establishments including MNC’s as well as Institutions.

We have well trained experts for your specific requirements. We can help you achieve your business goals. Whether you need an Accountant, Pay roll executive, an Auditor or any other accounting expert, we have them all for you. So just call us and enrich your resources!

Our Expertise lies in the following fields: -

Our Main Services are as:

  • Book keeping Services – Handling of purchases, sales, receipts and payments etc.
  • Write Up Services – Making Ledgers, Financial Statements, Tax Filings, Balance Sheets etc.
  • Account Payable: Batch preparation, Sorting, Mails, Invoices, Document indexing etc.
  • Account Receivable: Billing, preparing Account Receivable Transactions, Memos etc.
  • Financial Reporting: Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Payroll Register etc.
  • Account Reconciliation: Full & Partial Account Reconciliation Services etc.
  • Customer Order Processing Services – Create Sales Quotation, Process customer orders etc.
  • Manual Journal Entry: Entering Journal Entry Transactions etc.
  • Invoice Processing Services: Invoice Processing: Internal & External, Archiving Invoice Data etc.
  • Project Accounting Services: Effective utilization of resources, Streamline Processes, etc.
  • Virtual Accounting Services: Virtual Assistants for various Accounting Services.

Additional Services include:

Besides the above Services we provide additional Services to cater to your varied Accounting needs. We have an employee for every task related with Finance and Accounting including:

  • Preparation of Tax Returns
  • Analysis of Cash Requirements for the Business
  • E-Accounting Services
  • Accounts Register Services
  • Debt Collection Services
  • Migration of Legacy Systems
  • Check Writing Services

We use the following Technology:

QuickBooks, Quicken, Sage, Net Suite, Peachtree, and Intuit etc

Why Choose IWO for F&A

  • External Employees better equipped than in-house employees
  • Employees with Finance acumen and analytical skills
  • Strong Character Individuals with focus on Confidentiality
  • No Expenditure on Infrastructure and cost effective Accounting Services
  • The availability of cutting edge technology and Software
  • Quality Results within stringent deadlines

We completely acknowledge the vitality of Accounting Services for your business. Once you outsource your Accounting Services to San Francisco to us, your objectives become our objective and we work hard to achieve it. So just call us or fill up this form and race towards glory!