Our Employee Hiring Process

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Our Employee Hiring Process

  • Share your Project Details
  • Recruitment team will work
  • Candidate Selection:
  • Screening the Candidates
  • Choose best for you
  • Client Interview w Shortlisted
  • Choose the Best Employee
  • Manage Employee
  • Make Payment
  • Client Support

General Steps to Hire an Efficient and Qualified Remote Employee


Share your Project Details and Staffing Requirements with Us. In case of a Technical project, we must know the specific kind of expertise or additional software need required for the Project.

Candidate Selection:

We conduct a search to find an appropriate Candidate/Team for Your Project.
Note: We find and examine the qualified Candidate for your Project FREE OF CHARGE


You can interview the Shortlisted Candidates as per the requirement of your Project. The three P’s are very crucial to attain perfection in a task, Personality, Proficiency and Performance. So you can check the Candidates and decide.


Hire the Remote Employee/Staff chosen by you. Remember you can also hire a Dedicated Employee.


We give you the privilege to manage your Resources directly. Your Employees will follow your instructions and you can communicate with them through Phone, Video Conferencing, Skype or Email.


We make payment procedure completely hassle free. You do not need get into the hassles of payment to Employees. That is our responsibility. Bes rest assured that your employee will receive the total payment well in time.

Client Support:

Our Client Support is 24x7 available for assistance. They are polite and concerned and ready to help you. Our technical team is there to just look after the proceedings and the performance of the employee.


We are not there just till the end of the Project but we help you in maintaining your business process and grow and optimize your business without much investment and hassles.

A New Way to Manage Your Portfolio!